2009 is about to bite the dust. thank god. it’s been a crappy year in a number of ways. don’t get me wrong, good things have happened too, but in general, I’d give 2009 a thumbs-down.

I could go on and on about the things that made it bad. Some of the bad things that happened I couldn’t control. Some of the bad things that happened occurred because of things I did or didn’t do. I hope I’ve learned my lesson from those bad things. One that I need to remind myself of over and over again is to listen to my instincts. Listen to that first little voice in my head. it may be very quiet, like a small whisper of wind, but I have to learn to discern it amongst all the other noise and thoughts in my head.

There have been beginnings and endings. Beginnings are always fun, aren’t they? So many things to learn and understand, whether it’s a new relationship or new job. Then there are the endings. It’s natural for things to come to a close. It’s part of the life cycle…not just for people, but for other things as well. There three endings in particular that I mourn this year. The main one is the passing of my grandmother. I miss her every day in more ways than I expected. The other two are endings that I mourn mostly in private.

i know that there are some who think that making new years resolutions are a bad thing and i get it. i just like the idea of a fresh, new year, just like i like a fresh journal or a new ball of yarn. so this is when i choose to ponder new intentions/goals/resolutions…whatever one wishes to tag them. as a way of really attempting to make this list come true for 2010, i’m choosing 6 thing to change, add or subtract to/from my life. this is inspired by stumbling across 6changes.com, a new site by Leo Babauta of zenhabits.net. I’ll be posting my 6 things shortly as one of the steps is to commit to these 6 changes as publicly as possible 🙂