so i’ve been tweeting, twittering, spurting forth thoughts in 140 characters or less and i wonder if i can even expound on thoughts in a longer format.

so summer is now almost over? at least according to the school calendar. the boy goes back to school on the 13th of August. The date is circled in red on my virtual calendar.

i’m heading to a favorite haunt this weekend: Chicago! Jennie was going (pre-cancer) and then wanted a companion, and I couldn’t say no. I ❤ Chicago so much. I could move there in an instant, but Rob doesn’t like the cold 🙂 speaking of chicago, i found the coolest hand-made shoes evah!!! check out and tell me those aren’t cool! I ordered a pair of the middle heel shoes made out of birch. I cannot wait. I don’t care when I get them or how cold it is outside, I will wear them. oh yes i will. (the above-referenced trip happened-separate chicago post to come…)