we’ve had a pretty low-key valentine’s day. we decided not to buy anything for each other and we just went to see a movie instead. We saw Coraline, and what a fabulous movie that was! If you’re going to see it, please see it in 3D for your own good. It’s not the normal, schmaltzy 3D, it’s depth and layers and atmosphere. The story is engaging. We had the best seats in the theatre and the place really filled up by the time the movie started. the previews (move before time) were incredibly long. 

The boy is still at my mom’s house and will stay through Monday afternoon. There’s no school on Monday so he’s going to stay up on the mountain. I sometimes suspect that he likes it better up there than here at home. it’s not like he’s not up there enough or anything. and he comes home with just more and more stuff. for having to pinch pennies, my mom always finds a way to buy him a happy meal and some new Lego set.

Tomorrow will be a work day. some work around the house. conference work and some knitting thrown in for good measure. always some knitting thrown in these days.