on a good day. On a bad day like today I almost want to throw up. I got Evan this little bug container that has a magnifying glass on top. So, last night as I dozed peacefully on the couch unaware, Rob caught a spider in Evan’s little jar. He forgot about it this morning, so when we got home he showed Evan the spider in this jar. But get this…there were probably 20 or 25 baby spiders ON IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! (click HERE if you want to see one…this isn’t the one that was in my house…) I know that’s probably not news to some people…so what, baby spiders ride on mama spider’s backs. Big deal. But I hadn’t even seen anything like that in person. Of course, the thought that he caught that IN OUR HOUSE means that men with chemicals will be visiting soon. I know I can’t keep nature completely out of my house, but dang, a spider with 25 babies on it’s back? Do I really have to live in a house where spiders run around carrying more spiders on their backs? Of course, I had to look in the jar. It was oddly mesmerizing. At one point, Evan almost took the lid off and I had a little freak out. Evan laughed harder than I think I’ve ever seen him laugh.

Then, this mommy said the spider mommy had to be removed from the house, and they went to live outside…in the neighbor’s yard.