Check out this link for the story behind this dress!

We had a great time up on the mountain today with the folks….it was an absolutely gorgeous day and Evan and my mom had so much fun outside. Rob grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs and we had all the trimmings and then made and decorated sugar cookies for dessert. I did all the food prep and didn’t even take a picture all day! but it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy and not worry about capturing the perfect moment, know what I mean?

The hard part of the day is that Evan keeps asking the question “when do people die?” and it’s been hard talking to a 4 year old about this topic. I’m going to have to spend some time tonight looking up some articles about talking to children about death. ah…the joys of raising a child!

Evan is really proud of all the help that he’s been giving my mom with her plants around her house and the grandparents house. He’s helped her plant and feed and water a slew of green things. It was fun to watch him run around with her today taking care of his plants 🙂