and counting.

not much to add right now…feeling a little brain dead. evan finally went to sleep around 10:30. i swear, i gave birth to a nocturnal child. or, at least he’s turned into one. if only i could get his day school to let them drop their naps, but he gets to sleep undisturbed for two hours during the day, and that only makes it more difficult for us at night. But, that boy can take one look at me with that cute face and curly hair and it doesn’t seem to matter that he keeps a vampire’s schedule. He’s my boy and as much as I need to get other things done, you just gotta let it go and be in the moment with your kid sometimes, regardless of the hour. i’m babbling like a fool about now. i think i actually might have fallen asleep a few minutes ago as I was typing.

so I  just picked up Jessica Sprague‘s CK special issue Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking a couple of days ago. I must HIGHLY recommend it. If you ever wondered how the hybrid scrapbookers get some of their fun computer stuff done, this is the book for you! Even with a photoshop expert in the house (aka superman aka rob aka weaselboy), i sometimes have a hard time doing what I want to my pictures or my elements or my journaling. This book has been totally inspiring! Not to mention, you get some very cool free digi goodies to play with too.

ok…must go clear the clean clothes off the bed and crawl in and dream happy things.

here’s a random picture for the day: