and here it sits. outdated and empty. i’m sitting here listening to rob and evan wrestle on my bed, which means i’ll have to make the bed tonight…but they have so much fun. dinner is in the oven: baked spaghetti with some garlic bread. hmmm…garlic bread.

Commencement is coming my way like a freight train and i feel like i’m not ready. some big plans i’d made for this year fell through at the last minute, so i feel like i don’t quite have a handle on everything. but rob reminds me that i always go through this. commencement is sorta like childbirth. you don’t remember how bad it was until you’re in the middle of another one!

here’s a recent pic of evan from one sunny day before winter came back to Tennessee (it was 23 here yesterday morning!)  and i’m afraid all my peony sprouts might have bitten the dust in the cold snap…let’s hope not, they’re the prettiest thing around my yard!