i had so much fun. i was so tired. i’m starting to feel a bit more human now after a few days home.

evan actually let us sleep late this morning! probably for for first time in over a year! yes, a year. i’m serious. he never sleeps past 7 am or 7:30 am. so today, he comes into our room about 7 or so. he crawls over me to get into bed between me and rob. usually when he does that he’ll start talking after a few minutes and there’s almost no ignoring him. but today, i completely ignored him and turned over and went back to sleep. lo and behold i woke up again at 9AM!!!!!!!!!! i couldn’t believe it. i haven’t slept that late in ages! nice 🙂

we had a bit of a boring day today. just stayed around the house mostly. which is fine since in the next few weeks i’ll be gone to roanoke and las vegas, all preceeded by an overnight crop and evan’s 4th birthday party! the party is WAY late, but it was the closest i could get. we’re having a bowling party…i think he and his little preschool friends will have a blast.

anyway so here’s my favorite pic of CHA:

me and sonda taken by Summer Fullerton (the link is to her awesome gallery at Creating Inspirations.) We were making the cutest make-n-take at the Paper House Productions booth. It was an explosion minibook with this paper as the base.

i was going to post some more, but flickr is “having a massage” according to the website and i’m feeling too lazy to upload again to photobucket (i am feeling lazy. i haven’t done a stitch of laundry since i got back from anaheim. tomorrow’s not looking good either!)