that’s evan’s name for icicles and it make me think of a sharipe ice sculpture. sharpies are cool, so why not a sharpie ice sculpture? i have that huge 30 pack of fine tip sharpies and it’s one of my favorite things. is that shallow? it’s not like i’d save my sharpies before i saved my family or anything, but i really love my sharpies. ok. i’ll let it drop.

so this morning we take the inerstate into town and i take a slightly different route to the boy’s preschool. on the corner of this particular light is a Hustler store…yep…that Huslter and in the window-by which we happened to be stopped- was filled with interesting items. there was nothing that i immediatley had to explain or anything, but there were some some very tall red shiny boots (which are known by many names) and some lingerie and other little sex shop type things (not like I’d know what those were or anything-really). so here’s how the conversation went from there:

evan: look at those things in the window. those red boots are cool.

me: trying desparately not to laugh at my son

evan: mommy, do you like those things?

rob (dh): yeah, do you like those things? (snicker snicker)

me: we’re never taking this exit again. now, it’s quiet time everyone. mommy’s driving.