magical mommy moments don’t come around as often as one thinks during the glow of pregnancy. You think it’s going to be like the cover of “what to expect when you’re expecting”…all soft blankets, diffused light and sweet baby smells.

Anyone who has kids dispensed with that myth pretty quickly.

But, boy oh boy, are there some moments that are ones for the books (or blogs) and I just had one. We’ve been having some nighttime attidude from the boy and we’ve been working on it, but there’s not been much progress. He’s still desparate for someone to be in his room with him to go to sleep. I can’t tell you how I dread bedtime these days…knowing that you’re going to end the day with your child on such a note is not particularly appealing, and I think we all get grouchy in anticipation.

Tonight he was supposed to be in his room (at this point I don’t even care if he goes to bed…just to his room) and he came out. As Rob was taking the boy back to his bed Evan ran over to me on the couch, kissed me on both cheeks, my forehead, my chin and my nose and then in the sweetest little puck voice said “i love you!” and headed off to bed. He still didn’t go right to sleep, but after kissing his mama like that, who really cares? I’ve got to give him props if he did it on purpose, but I also have to be worried about such mastery of manipulation and what it means for me in the future.