with the mess in my house. I’m seriously consiering two things. make it three. 1. a professional organizer. 2. a life coach and 3. a cleaning service. Of course, I can afford none of the above, so I have to dig in and pull myself out of this rut that I’m in with my stuff and my house. the stuff in my house is holding me back. I’m having a hard timet getting to work on the stuff, becuse there’s so much of it, so I never really clear anything out! VISCIOUS CIRCLE!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I think I might spend a little bit of time this week while Rob is out of town to help myself out a little around the house and just PURGE like no body’s business. I may have to borrow a truck to get load to GoodWill, but think of the feeling of lightenss when it’s all gone.