really, i mean, why do they even let me keep paying them money for this thing? oh, right, because it’s free money, because i dont’ use it.

that’s it.

Ok, so in addition to me going back to curves and starting ww again (down 3 this past week), i am now part of a challenge going on over at DigiShopTalk a la Biggest Loser. There’s about 40 of us who are going split into teams and do a 12 week challenge. It’s gonna be a total blast, and I hope to be the skinnier for it!

In other news, Evan is officially a big boy…he got a twin bed from Rob’s parents over the weekend and he thinks he’s tough now. He’s got a big bed like mommy and daddy. except he refuses to sleep under the covers…only under the garfield comforter that Rob’s mom saved since when he was a kid…Rob says he gets a little weirded out to pass Evan’s room and see his boyhood bedspread….i tell him it just means he’s old!