sick kids are really pathetic sometimes.

evan doesn’t feel good today, and that was determined on the way to work/school, when we were all in one car, so I had to take rob to work and then turn around and come home. that after suggesting that we take two cars, because i wasn’t sure that evan was going to make it all day, but rob nixed it, so now i’ll have to drag the boy back to town at the end of the day. i swear it’s the annoyed face that is making that wrinkle in my forehead that’s going to require a botox shot (okay, not really. I don’t think i could do the botox thing).

so, i’m at home. he’s napping. i may go use the magic eraser some more in my bathroom. i don’t know what that stuff is made out of, but it really *is* magic. I’ll post some before/after pics later to prove it.