steve irwin is dead
it was a stingrays sharp tail
the crocs are jealous

a little haiku for steve irwin. I always thought he’d just lose an arm or something, not pierced through the heart by a stingray…sheesh. that’s bad luck. Only three other known deaths by stingray in austrailia…that’s really bad luck! I feel for his wife and young chidren.

in other news, the boy and I are at home today. Rob had to work on Labor day, so it’s just the two of us. Rob has taken up his juggling again, so I have to go find him some juggling paraphanalia today, which means a trip to the most awesome toy store in nashville: Phillips Toy Mart! Of course, that means we’ll spend a couple hours there watching the huge electric train setup they have there. Evan adores it! Kids can even climb up into this little tower for a birds eye view of the layout. And it also means that I’ll have to buy the boy something too. I can’t go to the toy store and get something for daddy and not for Evan!