You can subscribe to get an email from (you know, the awesome magazine?) every day that has a daily thought in the form of a quote. Often I have thought to use them as journaling inspriration, but haven’t taken the time to do so. Somtimes these come in my mailbox just when I need a little infusion of wisdom.

Today’s quote: No road is long with good company.
β€” Turkish proverb

I’m leaving tomorrow to go to CKU-A in Atlanta, and I’m so excited. I’m sad because my friend Shore will not be going with me. We were going to road trip down there together and have a blast, but she’s been restricted from attending! Doctor’s orders. She’s hurt her back and just won’t be able to sit hunched over for hours working on a book, let alone the car ride and bad hotel bed. So I’m seeing this quote in two ways today…for sure it would have applied if Shore and I were together…the 4 hours to Atlanta would have sped by…literally πŸ™‚ But now that I’m going by myself, I’m a little giddy that I get to spend that much time alone with ME! To think, to scream at the other drivers in my way, sing “dancing queen” at the top of my lungs if I want to. (so if you’re CKU bound on I-75 don’t be scared if you see me.)

Off to burn my pics to a disk…must must must get those printed TODAY! Oh, and yeah, my car is in the shop…the back brakes have been making a bit of noise and now that I’m taking my car, Rob insisted I get it checked out before I go…he’s such a good husband πŸ˜‰