So it’s been a long time since I posted anything of substance to my piece of the internet (or if you pay attention to Senator Ted Stevens of the Senate Commerce committee, my piece of the internet TUBE). Anyway, there’s actually a lot going on in my life for it to seem as if nothing is going on. If that makes any sense. Which it may not. who cares.

So, getting back to the title of this lovely entry, I’ve got to show you what I did last week….


Yes, this is my second or third ALL DIGITAL scrapbook page. I would not have pegged me as someone who might be remotely interested in digiscrapping, but it’s way cool! I really have enjoyed learning more about PhotoShop (luckily, I’ve got a personal PS guru…thanks Rob!). I don’t seem myself going completely digital, but it’s certainly a fun option for lots of things. Right now, I’m working on an album to give to my MIL as a thank you gift for the trip to Daytona and it rocks becuase I’m just going to print two copies of each layout, and BAM! I have an album too and I won’t feel so bad giving one away 🙂

So that leads me to CKU!!!!!!!!!!! I really can’t wait for this one. My buddy Shore and I are trekking to Atlanta in two weeks to go to CKU-Albums for the long weekend. When we get there, we’re hooking up with Adrianne and Ashla (who totally ROCK and are the owners of the fab kit club The Red Lily…they have awesome kits!!!!!!). I’m taking the Ali Edwards track “A week in the life” with Ash and Adrianne. The homework for this class was keeping tabs of what you do for a week and take photos of your every day life. I think it’s going to be a fablous time! I love Ali’s attidute and I think it will be good to have the “it’s OK” rub off on me a little bit. Shore is taking the “Story of Us” track with Kristan Paolacci from Rust Pickle. I think her album will rock too! And that’s the point, you come here with your homework done and you leave with a completed album. Now, I hear that it’s hard to finish your album while you’re there, but hey, if I get mostly done I’ll be happy.

The Ikea comes in at this point, because I’ve never been to one and I’m so excited that there’s one in Atlanta! I’ve been wanting to go ever since they opened and now I finally get to go! Watch out debit card, please don’t melt!