This time muddied by the fact that my grandfather may or may not have had another small stroke last week. He’s doing a bit worse over the past few weeks, so we’re now thinking about the next steps. Not sure exactly what is going to happen at this point, but I’ll be helping out as much as I can!

On a lighter note, I went to pick up our accumulated mail this morning and was greeted by 3 priority mail boxes. One from The Red Lily, another from Paper Posies and last, but certainly not least, Jenni Bowlin Studios. Can I just take a moment and extoll the virtues of kit clubs? I love them. I do. The ones that I’m subscribed to are so diverse that I rarely get the same things. The Red Lily and Jenni Bowlin are new to me this month and they both ROCK! A ton of Queen and Co. stuff from TRL (love Ash and Adrianne…can’t wait to see them at CKU-A in Atlanta) and I adore the little tin of fun stuff in Jenni’s kit. The little clear drawstring bag the little stuff comes in is so cute! And the Paper Posies kit this month was just totally packed with stuff. Excellent value!

I’m now at my mom’s house typing this…taking a little break from my grandparents who are both safely in their chairs with drinks and snacks in front of the TV for the moment. They’re doing a bit better tonight, but I’m glad I’m here to help if I’m needed. It makes me and my mom feel better. But the drive is killing me! Ugh. My neck is so sore from driving. I’ve driven about 1000 miles in the last few days 🙂