one of these days…..I’m terribly guilty of blog neglect. I’ve been planning a post about the First Lady’s Vandy visit and Commencement, but I just haven’t been able to sit down and get it out! Life is slowly getting back to normal in our household…between Rob changing jobs and commencement, it was quite a mess around here. (technically, it still is, if you consider the piles of stuff around, but I can overlook it if you can).

One exciting thing is that soon, I will go on vacation. To the beach with Evan for the first time. He’s gonna flip out over the beach! I can’t wait to hang out with him there! Not to mention that we’re going with our in-laws, which means at least one day and a couple of nights of built-in babysitting (to hang out with my super-cool and terribly funny friend CARA!)