Crystalsparty6Okay, I thought I might be able to say a little something in my blog about Crystal leaving my office as my assistant. Over the 7 years that I’ve known her and the 5 years she’s been the administrative assistant for Commencement and Special Projects, we have become very close friends and partners and crime. She was the second person I called when my water broke (after my mom) and I went with her to her ultrasound when she found out she was having a baby girl! We’re tight!

I’ve tried not to get really emotional, as she’s only going to move across campus to her new job…it’s not like she’s leaving Vanderbilt all together. But it’s still not going to be the same in the office without her. It goes deeper than that, but I think it won’t really hit me until after she’s been gone for a few days. We actually talked about it today, and we decided that coming into our respective offices on Monday would probably be our first really hard day. Okay, so this is just interesting to me, and yes I’m going on about it, but it’s really on my mind today, so it’s now splashed across my blog. My good friend Steve Green took this picture of Crystal and I today during her little going away party.