So I got to see Liam today! He’s a little doll and so tiny. You kinda forget how tiny they can be when your own has gotten so big 🙂 He’s doing okay, but will stay at least one more night in the hospital because he’s not eating quite as much as they’d like him too. He is almost eating an ounce at each feeding, and that’s their goal. He’s been keeping it down much better last night and today.

Katherine and Daniel are in high spirits and it was great to spend the afternoon with them and their family. It’s been a long time coming to see them so happy.

I’ve added a Liam album on the right side of the page. He’s really cute so check him out! And yes, I’m wearing a freebie I picked up at the QuicKutz booth at CHA. Katherine’s sister Susan is a scrapbooker, so she appreciated it. Everyone else just stared at my chest saying “you love what??”