Wow. What a week it’s been! I’ve traveled all day and am finally home from a week at CHA in Las Vegas! I came home to some great mail too. I got my QK Studio! WOOHOO! I can’t wait to play with those. I also got my kit from Tie One On and The Scrap Book Stand and three of the January QK releases. And I’m admitting it…I signed up for another kit club. Becky and Sonda (so Sonda’s a bit partial because she’s on the design team…but it’s an awesome kit!) were enablers, but I had been checking it out for a little while and I love kits so I joined Paper Posies. You see the logical leap I made, right?. Sheesh. that was just a whole litany of dollar signs. I’ve better get to working at my desk tomorrow and crank out some layouts! Maybe I’ll even attempt to submit something one of these days…

I am so tired. It’s 2:00 a.m. on the dot on Saturday morning as I type this and I’m still wired. I’m over-tired and just can’t go to bed yet. Poor Rob crashed a while ago after trying in vain to make my computer behave. Even my roomies were giving me grief about my slow computer!

Speaking of roomies, it was great to see Kim again and then also get to meet 3 really cool people! Sonda, you are so freakin cool I can’t stand it. You have the sweetest family and I’m totally coming to California. Niki (aka the adhesive queen), it was such a blast to meet you and I think I’m going to try your dip recipe this weekend. S’all good!! Becky you just rock…thank you for *everything*

(okay, just a note, it is now Saturday morning…I fell asleep on the couch this morning with my computer on my lap…) I’ll be posting pics to Flickr this afternoon. Right now, I’m heading to Murfreesboro to see my new "nephew" (okay, not really, but Kat’s my sister from another mother, so it counts).

Anyway, haven’t gone though and really looked close at most of my pics, but here’s a cute one of me and Sonda (mostly Sonda is cute and I have a double chin, but I’m working on that one….)