(note: the infection part are my sinuses. I am ill, as is my son, so I’ve been out of comission for a few days but that’s no excuse for letting my blog go for so long!!!)

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, and if not, shame on me. I’m going to CHA with Kim Luty and her company Same-Differences! Holy cow am I excited. First of all, I’m going to get to hang out with Kim again! We had such fun when I met her at the expo in Nashville over the summer. Second, I get to go to Vegas! I’ve never been and I’m so excited about it! Third, I get to meet Becky Thompson! So excited for her and her classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking. ***Edited to add: How could I leave out Heather? I’m going to try to have lunch or something with her one day when I’m in Vegas too and give her all the Nashville gossip!***

Evan has been sick since the middle of last week. He’s on the mend, but I’ve got a sinus infection now. I’m about to start sipping on his anti-biotics that we didn’t have to give him.

I’ve also got to get going with a full house cleaning! Jennifer, Jessica, Kyle and Riley are invading my house on Thursday night. They’re doing to drive all day from Michigan to spend the weekend at our house. We’ll head up to see the grandparents and hopefully try to have a birthday party in there somewhere for Pop and for Evan.

So in honor of my first blog post of the new year, here’s a picture of my cutie patootie Evan: