The Nun Bun was stolen from Bongo Java early this morning. The thief took nothing else. According to the the police report, "As stolen goods, the bun was classified in property category No. 77, for “other.”

For those of you who do not know about the Nun Bun, it’s a cinnamon bun which earily resembled Mother Teresa and was baked at Bongo Java (a coffee hangout) here in Nashville. It became world famous for about 15 minutes, but it’s been on display at Bongo Java in Hillsboro Village near Vandy since 1996.

I have to laugh because the theft actually made the front page of our local daily, The Tennessean, and it was even above the fold! Of course it’s big news for Nashville, I suppose. I blog this mostly for Cara, but I do have to wonder what someone would want with a bun that has been shallacked and petrified since 1996…