My grandfather had a small stroke on Christmas Eve morning and spent the night in the hospital. He’s doing fine now and came home yesterday in plenty of time to open presents at their house, take a nap and then eat a large Christmas dinner. It totally upturned Christmas for us, but we were so thankful that a) it wasn’t a bad one and b) he got to come home on Christmas day.

Evan had a great Christmas and loves his GeoTrax.
Dsc01444He got tons of stuff and I’m going to have to take a dump truck load of stuff to GoodWill in order to make room for it all. For me it was the year of the jacket, as I got a leather one from my in-laws (which is awesome because I’ve never had one before) and a really cool coat from the Gap from my mom. My MIL actually got 4 of us coats:


And Cara, if you’re reading, I cooked a kick-ass turkey yesterday and dressing that even you would compliment 🙂