Evan is with my mom this weekend, so the hubby and I are cleaning, painting, purging, fixing and otherwise trying to overhaul our house without Evan here. Rob’s doing a second coat of our bathroom. I just got done purging, cleaning and sorting all of Evan’s toys. One almost-three-year-old should NOT be allowed so many toys. And he’s just going to get more for Christmas…not many from us, but from our families. ::::sigh::::  We’re going to be giving a lot away to friends who have just had (congrats Kiezha and Sean!) or will be having (Katherine and Daniel) babies.

The impetus of the frenzied cleaning, my friends, is two-fold. I want to have the tree up when Evan gets back tomorrow and my mom and my grandparents will be spending the night at our house on Christmas Eve. Both good things, but it had been a long time since Evan’s toys had been in complete control of not only our living room but his room as well.

Next up: the bathroom in the hallway (mild shudder here because I need to scrub the bathtub and I hate that).

If I’m still awake after that, I’ll be retiring to my "studio" :::coughextrabedroomcough:::: and work on shimelle’s christmas journal challenge. There are awesome women in this group…and they do awesome art too! I haven’t decided if I’ll post my stuff, but if I’m tired enough I might 🙂

I hope ya’ll have had a more amusing Saturday than me. Did I mention I had to go to Wal-Mart? Do I even have to explain the insanity?

Well, I’d better get back to cleaning. Rob has given me a couple of sideways glances, so I know he’s thinking I need to be up and about.

a bientot.