I’ve been in a small funk again lately, and I’m blaming it on the time change. I AM much happier getting up in the light. Thank god it’s finally light at 6:30 again, because I have a really hard time getting up when it’s dark outside. Of course, I don’t terribly enjoy it getting dark at 5pm, but it’s a give and take 🙂

So this weekend we are on the road again. Tonight I’m going to the preview party for The Sassy Scrapper in Lebanon, TN. They’re moving to a new, larger store (way bigger from what I understand) and will be offering some new services. I’d only been to the smaller store once, but they had a nice selection of current offerings, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do with more space.

Tomorrow we’re heading out to Sewanee to visit the grandparents. We’re going to take some time and bury Pierre’s ashes for my grandfather. He still misses Pierre and so missed having a companion he has already adopted another dog! Her name is Sunny and she’s a yellow lab/golden retriever mix and she’s darling. The grandparents love her and enjoy having her around. Evan is always excited to go see his grandparents and adores his Pop Pop, so it’ll be a good day.

Sunday we hit the other grandparents…we’ll go have lunch with the family at Rob’s parents in Triune (literally a 4-way stop between Franklin and Murfreesboro!). It’s always nice to go there and hang with the family, plus, my mother-in-law always cooks something great for lunch!