I just love this boy! He’s doing good with the potty. He’s so conversational now and such a blast. This pic was last night as we got our “tornado closet” ready just in case we had to make a run for it in the night. Here’s what goes in there for me (pre-planted–of course my hubby and my kid and cats are most important, but this is the rest of my must have list): my powerbook, my purse and my ipod, pillows and blankets (to put over our heads if necessary). oh, and a flashlight 🙂 Luckily we did not have to use our closet. I felt a little silly this morning about prepping it, but I’d rather have it ready than not, right?

I’ve been a really lazy blogger this past week. I’m loving my French class! It’s been challenging to get back into the rhythm of French conversation. It’s been difficult remembering all my vocabulary and verb conjugations. Thanks to Dr. Sorenson (college french prof) at least my really vital verbs are so ensconced in my brain that at least there are many that come naturally. My conversations with my uncle are generally the same every time…he asks about everyone’s health, then specific questions about my grandmother, then talk about Evan. Next we move on to my cousin Chrystelle in France (his granddaughter) and her two kids. I don’t generally branch out too much in my conversation with him. I’ve got to get into the habit again of calling my cousin…she’s about the same age as me and her older son is just a few months younger than Evan. She speaks some English, but it’s just hard to keep in touch. That’s no excuse, though, and it will be up to me and Chrystelle to keep our family connection going over the Atlantic. Here’s a pic of her from her wedding a few years ago (the second picture is a photo of the bottles that we drank at her reception!):

Dsc00113 Dsc00217