i went to class and i have homework! Of course, I’m almost twice as old as the youngest student in the class (shy by a couple of years). The only person in class older than me was the professor. Speaking of the professor, i loved her! so, if you can’t tell, i’m really excited. i told rob last night that i’m seriously thinking about my masters. his first response? will you make more money? Maybe one day I would 🙂

So when I went to pick Evan up yesterday from day school his teacher, Ms. Shirley, pointed out that he had a special star and important news. He went pee-pee in the potty at school. That was his first time ever! So, rob and i were excited, but thought it might just be a fluke accident (he likes sitting on the potty, but has never actually GONE potty when he was on it) but he did it AGAIN! last night when we were getting ready for bed! I couldn’t believe it (of course, i also couldn’t believe that i almost cried–never thought i’d get that excited, kwim?)