I was snoozing on the couch this afternoon trying to sleep off the cold and baby kitty Jill decided to venture into the living room to find a comfortable and cushy place to sleep. Let me tell you a little about Jill’s history (the part that I know). Around the end of June we started hearing something in our garage scramble around every time we opened the door. I was mortified because I just *knew* there was a huge rat out there and that’s where my deep freezer, washer and dryer are so I have to go out there all the time. And it’s not like I can rely on my two older cats to do any mousing like that…they are definitely spoiled, inside cats.

So anyway, one day I open the door to the garage and see this little kitten jumping through the air to dive into a hiding place (of which there are many in my garage–all the boxes and stuff make a perfect place to hide). After that we had several sightings, but weren’t able to capture her. Now, our cats’ litterbox and food/water is in the garage, so she had access to those things the entire time. Finally we lured her into the house (just a couple weeks ago), and brought the cat accessories back into the kitchen so we could close the cat door into the garage and force her to become social. And it seems to have worked! She can still be a little skittish and she rarely leaves the kitchen at this point, but she’s friendly, tries to play with the older two cats (who aren’t quite sure of her yet, but aren’t cruel either), and lets me love on her.

I think she might have been dumped off somewhere in our neighborhood and just found her way into our garage one day when the door was open. That’s how we got our other two cats…they were dumped into a dumpster when they were very small at a fast food restaurant that my mother manages so naturally she called me to adopt them. I’m going to be the old woman with 82 cats. My kid will turn me into the health department.

Anyway, all that to lead up to Jill’s picture and my POTD:

Don’t you just love the spots on her nose?