Okay, I’m sick. I got a cold from my sweet son, who is feeling better but passed it on to mommy. But we have tickets to a pre-season Tennessee Titans game for tonight! I don’t really feel like going, but I will because otherwise Rob won’t get to go to a game this season (luckily I have a friend with season tickets and she usually takes me to a game or two!). I’m sure once we’re there I’ll get excited, but it’s a long walk to the top of the colosseum and it’s gonna be hot, even though the game starts at 7pm.

Rob’s mom has Evan for the night, so I’ve got a chance to sleep late and do some scrapbooking tomorrow before we go get him. Then I think might surprise my grandma with a visit. I’ve talked to her every day this week and all she wants to know is what her boo-boo (aka Evan) is doing, so maybe a visit might perk her up a bit!