so, my Grandma is at home and is mostly sleeping. She got up for about 3 hours yesterday and had a few small bites to eat and a few sips of Ensure. We were able to have a short conversation this evening before I could tell she wanted to hang up. She hates the phone on a good day, so I’m surprised she talked to me at all…she really just wanted to know how her "boo-boo" was (aka Evan), so at least she’s thinking about him 🙂

For me, work was really work today. It seems as if only problems came across my desk, but no solutions. We’re getting ready to do a large welcoming event at Vandy for the freshman and the leadership is up in the air, so makes it a little more difficult to get things done.

I’ll feel much better tonight if I can get a chance to go play with my cool new Wendi Speciale stamps that I got Saturday. I got a capital K and a fleur de lis (which I totally love…I’ve always been drawn to these. Maybe I was French royalty in a past life…I’ve contemplated asking Wendi if she would grant me permission for a tatoo of it!) Anyway, got a little off-track there…I may make myself some monogram cards and write some notes or something…maybe send someone some real snail mail!

My cousins Jessica and Jennifer (with my cute little cousins Riley and Kyle) came to visit my ill grandmother. They don’t get to see her much and I think they’re worried this might have been their last…we’ll see, but I don’t think so. They gave my grandmother 6 months to live about 7 months before my wedding. Rob and I will celebrate our 7th anniversary is this October! She’s a tough cookie, but if she doesn’t eat then there’s not much to be done. Anyway, the girls (27 and 25 really) and their kids came down from Michigan. Evan and his cousin Kyle had a great time. Not a lot of good pics from this trip for the boys, but I thought this one was cute…
If my sweet (ahem) little boy ever goes to bed, maybe I could get some work posted tonight too!