and she’s doing ok. She really can’t move anywhere by herself, which leaves my grandfather to help her, and he’s not such a stable one himself after his bout with lung cancer, but they’re going to give it their best shot. She’s doing a bit better, and was much more interested in having a conversation. She was happy to see my cousins and their cute little kids (pictures to post later). Grandma is so weak, though, and really has no interest in eating at all. That’s what we’re all worried about. It’s seems her will to hang in there has diminished a bit, and I’m sorry to see that go.

My cousins and their kids are spending the night with us here in Fairview and we’ve had blast Evan, Kyle and Rylie have a had a great time together. I sure wish they could spend some realy time together (as if we leaved anywhere near each other or anything…)

Sure to be a busy morning and day tomorrow with the family leaving and the cleaning up to do. We’ve had a great time already and it’s always so great to have my cousins here for a visit@