She got sick last night and asked to be taken to the emergency room. Her dementia is getting worse, she’s confused now by being in the hospital. She can’t walk at all now, even with support. She could hardly get from the middle of the bed to the edge and had a really hard time getting into the wheelchair with me and a nurse helping. She’ really just supposed there for rest. observation and a chance to get an infection under control, but it was unexpected. She also had an irregular EKG, but successive blood tests don’t show any heart issue other than those she already has. I ducked out of work today and went to Sewanee to be with her and Pop at the hospital. That gave me the chance to give my mom the tag album pictured below and she LOVED it! It made her so happy. I’m going to make another one soon, it was so much fun!

Anyway, uncle Mike is coming in Thursday morning, so I’ll be off again to the mountain toward the end of the week. Please think warm thoughts for my grandma and those who love her (especially my Pop, he lives to take care of her!)