really, i do. he’s fun to be with, we laugh a lot, and he’s a great dad. i say something nice so that i can say this: he reads too slow. he’s reading harry potter now. i can’t discuss it with him. i can’t ask his opinion on my newest theory about voldemort or harry and snape and what’s going to happen in book 7. it’s killing me. i’ve always been the type to want to tell. if i buy you a present, chances are i’ll tell you what it is before you get a chance to unwrap it. now, if you tell me not to repeat something you’ve told me in confidence, that’s different.

i suppose if i stopped bothering him he might get done faster. i’m forced, every once-in-a-while, to ask him if he wants to know what happens in the end. i’m so annoying, i know, but he’s fun to annoy. he takes the bait.

On another note: I LOVE JON STEWART. if you don’t watch the daily show, you should. you get more incisive commentary on what’s going on in the world from the daily show than anything else except public radio. infer whatever you need to there about my political leanings, but you have to admit that it’s good to have someone pointing out the absurdity of it all.