yesterday was full of noise, friends and toddlers fighting over toys. It strained my patience and got on my nerves. the toddlers i mean. and i can say that because one of them was mine.

friday night cara and I went to the nearest 24-hr kroger (or what we thought was 24 hr) to get the harry potter book! She wanted a copy, and we were awake anyway, so we set off around 11:30. kroger is about 15 minutes away by day, closer by night. we got there and did some shopping and some kid came over the store PA system and said they were closing at midnight and to make our final choices, blah, blah, blah. so we found an employee who said yes, we’d be able to get the book, but we had to wait until 12:01, obviously.

there were 4 other people there waiting. we got our food, book and headed home. cara started reading the book out loud on the way home. we continued at home, because there were 3 of us and only one book. we got through chapter 3 before we went to bed (around 2 am or so).

Kat and Daniel came over yesterday and we had a cookout. It was fun, but the screaming kids (mine mostly) kinda killed the fun buzz, ya know? They did have some very cute moments…I’m going to post some pics when I finally get them off my camera.

So finally, when everyone left, my dear and wonderful husband gave me the chance to read. I finished HP around 11:30 last night and handed it over to rob. so now it’s up to him to read it so we can finally talk about it! I obviously won’t give anything away, but I have to say that, in my ever so humble opinion, it was the best one yet!

today we’re going to pile into the car and go visit my mom and grandparents in sewanee. ever since grandma broke her arm a few weeks ago, she hasn’t been doing very well. she’s in lots of pain (it’s an upper arm break, near her shoulder, and it can’t be put in a cast…). I worry about her ever day. I know she’s unhappy. She can’t walk by herself anymore without taking a hard fall. Pop is weak still from his cancer escapade, and is having an increasingly difficult time taking care of Grandma by himself, but he’s doing the best he can. So we’re hoping a visit by the great-grandchild will cheer them both up a bit. I’ll cook Grandma her favorite stuff…taco ring and my special chip dip (which should add a couple pounds on both of the grandparents!)