Image9Just a little view of Commencement at Vandy.

It’s really amazing what stress will do to a person. I still don’t think I’m quite over it! I’ve recovered physically, I think. I wore a pedometer this year and last Thursday and Friday I walked over 14 miles. That’s a lot for me! (as a side note, I have to highly recommend these Columbia flip flops…I wore them for three straight days walking those miles and didn’t have sore feet!).

I met with our chancellor today and he had nothing but praise, so I suppose all is well. Next week I have two more meetings….commencement post-mortem (and yes they’re as horrible as they sound). Basically, I sit in judgement in front of about 30-50 people and they tell me all the things that went wrong. Now, not all of it is my fault, but as director I am ultimately responsible. Those aren’t always easy to sit through. Sometimes it’s just a big thank you session, but then sometimes it’s a big bitch session.

I have to say my happiest moment this year was when one of our retiring professors decided to participate in the ceremony (we do a special piece for our retiring professors). Anyway, Dr. Johnson is in a wheelchair and just wasn’t sure that he wanted to process with the rest of the professors. He told me he was going to consult his mother (who happens to be 96). He called me back and said that even at his age, boys listen to their mammas, so he decided to participate. His identical twin brother pushed his wheelchair in the procession. As they came by the reserved seating section, his 96 year old mother got up, ducked under the rope and walked over to hug him. He was so please, and I was so happy to have helped make it possible!