it’s just that everyone needs something from me at this point in the commencement process, and everyone needs it now. they don’t appreciate that I have larger issues to deal with and that their piece has to fit into the greater scheme and the greater good <sigh> Just a little over a week now.

We’re watching They Might Be Giants’ Here Come the ABCs. It’s great fun for learning letters. The songs are a blast and it’s something we can all watch and enjoy. I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow I have to write a script for our announcer to record on Monday or Tuesday of next week. It’s really hard for me to get started on this kind of project, so I procrastinate. Now here I am a week out and just now writing the script. and it’s not even going to be that hard, I just don’t like to do it 😦 I should stop the pouty routine….it’s not like I don’t know that life is like this for me this time of year!

Weather update for the day from

























Wednesday, May 11
Nashville, TN Weather An afternoon t-storm possible High: 80° F Low: 60° F
Thursday, May 12
Nashville, TN Weather Times of sun and clouds High: 81° F Low: 60° F
Friday, May 13
Nashville, TN Weather Mostly cloudy High: 79° F Low: 56° F

Sorry that’s so big…..

So not so bad weather-wise at the moment. Actually, if it stays overcast on commencement day that’s much better for the kids in their black robes. As long as it doesn’t rain, it can be cloudy all it wants 🙂