i think rob and i have made a decision to move evan to the west end united methodist church day school (jeez, long name). we took a tour of the place yesterday, and it’s an awesome facility. the rooms were artsy and colorful and full of fun stuff. they have quiet places in each room, little hide-a-ways for the kids. evan is going to love it. best of all, it’s practically across the street from my office. i could be there in 5 minutes by foot.

they also have a really wonderful community atmosphere there. the only drawback is that it’s almost $100 more a month, but we’ve just decided to simplify a bit in our finances (read me stop spending so darn much money) and make the sacrifice to send evan to west end. he’s gonna have a blast there! they have the coolest playground with a water fountain and bushes and trees and a huge sand-trap for them to play in. the kids all looked so happy (and their noses were all nicely wiped).

best of all the director is the wife of a well-loved colleague of mine that retired a couple of years ago. we have several other connections, so it just feels right. it’s definitely best for evan.