• My grandfather is doing very well after his surgery. He’s almost back to his normal routine.
  • Evan is starting to say his ABCs. He’ll repeat them after me really well, but starts trailing off after D when he does it by himself.
  • Yesterday Crystal and I went to Bobby’s Dairy Dip and got lunch. It was their first whole week open from their winter break. This is the best drive-up hamburger joint in Nashville. They’ve got a special way they make their fries that are out of this world!
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is opening on Friday night. Time to find a babysitter!
  • Family Guy is UNCANCELLED! It’s going to be on again starting on Sunday.
  • I got my first kit from Simply Cardstock yesterday and I love it! They’ve "in sync" with Self-Addressed, so there are some matching papers in the cardstock kit that work with your Self-Addressed kit!
  • Crystal ordered me diet-sundrop to have in our refrigerator at work-she can be so nice sometimes 😉