I’m thankful that my grandfather is at home, but I’m worried about how my mom is going to be able to take care of both of my grandparents AND continue to try to work.

I’m scared. My mom has always been the one to bail me out of my messes. What is it going to be like if she has to quit her job and I have to bail HER out? I’ve already felt many moments since I was in college when our roles were reversed and I was the adult and it was weird. And it’s not really like that either. My uncle and I need to treat my mom as a caretaker and pay her. That’s just what we’ll have to do.

My poor mother feels so engulfed by her responsibility. My grandfather is thankful at least, but my grandmother is being very nasty with my mom. I really think she’s experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. She’s very selfish, very mean. I’m not sure how my mom can handle it, but she’s bound and determined to make it happen.