Wow…this past weekend just went by in a blink! I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I was hardly at home Saturday or Sunday…that’ll usually do it!

Evan and i went to see Pop in the hospital on Saturday. It worked out great because they had just moved him into his own room. Evan was a little scared of Pop at first because he had the nasal oxygen tube in. Evan warmed up to him, though, and finally started giving him kisses 🙂

Sometime during the day my beloved sunglasses broke, and so on the way home from Sewanee we had to make a pit stop at the mall to get some more sunglasses. Evan wasn’t terribly interested in my search for the perfect pair, so I bought a pair that would work and we just got outa there. I wanted to get some scraptime in Saturday night, but I was completely wiped out from keeping up with Evan by myself at the hospital all day. I ended up just crashing on the couch.

Sunday I had to go to work, but I got to take some time in the morning to be with Rob and Evan. We watched some TV, played inside and then went outside. Evan loves to swing on his swing in the backyard, so we did some of that. On my way to work, my mom called and told me that they let Pop out of the hospital! Crazy! I mean, he was doing well and all, but I don’t think any of us expected him to go home so soon.

He’s resting at home, but I know my mom is stressed out about him being at home. He’s still really shaky when he walks, so he’s got to be just as careful as Grandma.

I can tell Grandma is getting on everyone’s nerves, poor woman. She’s so scared for Pop that she makes it so hard on everyone else, including the patient! She’s bugging the poor man. Not to do stuff for her or anything, but just constantly asking him about things. “how’s your side, how do you feel, do you want some water, don’t cough, you’re not coughing enough,” and it goes on and on. He’s already told her she’s going to annoy him to death! All this is what my mom has to deal with. I’m going to do something really special for her on this mother’s day…maybe a paperbag album or something like that!