Can you believe it’s already Friday?! I have a hard time figuring out where the week went. Commencement countdown is getting so close I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll be working this weekend, but only on Sunday. Tomorrow Rob, Evan and I are going to go to Winchester/Sewanee to see mom and the grandparents.

Pop is still in the ICU at the hospital in Winchester. The continual back and forth up and down the mountain and the in and out of the car are taking their toll on my grandma. She’s been feeling under the weather and tired the past couple of days. I think they’ve reduced their number of visits to Pop over the last couple of days because of it.

He is progressively getting better. They’ve taken more tubes out today, and will see how it goes over night before they decide to keep them out for good. Hopefully soon they’ll be able to move him to a regular room. The doctor has hinted that if Pop continues to improve they may let him out totally Monday or so.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!