Katherine Brown. You see, I left out a few things about the night we had to rush to the hospital when Pop was having problems.

What I did tell you was that she took too long to get out of the house. That was not her only contribution on the drive that night.

I’ll tell you what I told her on the way to the hospital that night. I said "If I had to make this drive with anyone besides Rob, I’m glad that it’s you." Okay, maybe that wasn’t an exact quote, but it was something similar.

I wouldn’t let her drive. We discussed the best way to get to the hospital from her house. She helped me continue to convince myself that if my grandfather left this earth before I got there it would be okay. Because he knows how much I love him. She helped me remember that the whole way there.

She talked to my mom while I drove. And decided not to tell me that they had put him on a ventilator until we got to the hospital.

Almost the whole way there I was shaking. I got cold, she tolerated the heater. I think I had so much adrenaline in my system that my body just had to move somehow, and driving the car was not enough movement. She finally clamped her hand down on my leg and it stopped moving…I mostly stopped shaking.

She kept me sane (mostly) on my way there. Now, the way back was another story. I think she slept the whole way 🙂

Dscn2165She was great when we got to the hospital. She talked to my mom and grandma and the doctor. She was the one who finally asked if he had ever stopped breating altogether (he hadn’t).

She also stayed up with me when we got back to her house when I was wire and had to watch some of Bill Mahr before I could go to sleep. She’s my best friend, my sister through thick and thin (we’ve done both). And she knows I love her.