What a perfect spring day we had here in Tennessee! We woke up to the birds chirping and a beautiful blue sky with cotton-fluffy white clouds.

We woke up too early for my liking, but Evan has been an early riser for a long time now…I shouldn’t be surprised. Dscn2176

We got out of Fairview early so that we could see Pop for the 10:30 am visit. He’s doing great! He was sitting up for breakfast and chowed down. This morning’s meal was the first he’d had since Thursday night.

He was in a good humor when we saw him this morning. He was happy to see Grandma and happy to know Evan was there (even though he couldn’t visit with him). Mom was happy to catch some time with Evan, even if it was just a couple of hours.

We came back home and spent lots of time outside in the yard with Evan. Rob taught him how to use the spray nozzle on the hose:

Dscn2199and Rob got the wet end of it 🙂

Evan really had a good time when he realized he was in control of the water. To be honest, Rob and I both got soaked as Evan wielded control of the hose this afternoon.

He was very upset when we shut the water off and the hose ran dry.

This evening we watched the new DVD from They Might be Giants called Here Come the ABCs. It’s a ton of fun to watch, and Evan is having a blast learning about letters. He loves to dance to the tunes on this DVD.

Evan will be on his way to bed soon. I’ll call and check on Pop with the ICU nurses or my mom, and them maybe work on my new podcast, tentatively titled "Scrapbooking Today". (Or, being so wiped out from this weekend, I may pass out on the couch…I’ll let you know what happened tomorrow….)