Well, as I write this, Pop is resting (mostly comfotable) in the ICU in Winchester, TN. His surgery yesterday to remove portions of his right lung was successful. Pop came through the surgery just fine. So we left him in good, stable condition, to get some rest planning to see him this morning at the 10:30 visit.

I went home last night to Katherine’s house around 5:30 or so, I really can’t remember exactly. It could have been later. I do remember that it was still light outside. I was talking to Colleen on the phone on the way to Kat’s house, and hung up as we got closer.

Daniel was getting ready to go to work and Katherine and I were hanging out in the living room watching reruns of the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Daniel came out and got left to go to work and we started watching The American President. It’s not a bad movie, btw.

I was really tired, having greeted the day at 4 am or so, and I decided I had to hit the sack, so we started to fix the futon and get pillows and stuff together when I heard a the voice mail indicator on my phone go off. My mom had tried to call (it was a little after 10 pm). I went outside to call her back because that’s the only place my phone picks up a signal and she told me that the hospital had called and told us to hurry down.

I came back inside and told Katherine to get ready. I grabbed my purse and keys and started the car and started beeping for Kat..she was taking too damn long!

So we headed out from Beech Grove to Winchester, a distance of 44 miles. We sped, but not dangerously. I had my blinkers on. Katherine called Rob to let him know what was happening (he was at home taking care of Evan). She dialed my grandfather’s pastor Gene to let him know that there was a problem. He said he’d be on his way. At this point, we still had no idea what was happening to Pop or what his problem was. The drive took absolutely forever. I thought we’d never make it, even though we got there in about 35 or 40 minutes.

Katherine finally got my mom back on the cell phone and told us at least that he was still alive. That helped slightly. When we got there, my mom was waiting out back for us and took us up to the ICU room where he was hooked up to a ventilator. His lungs had just stopped working. That’s it, we’re done working for the day. The doctor said that the lungs were tired because of all they’d been through that day. On the upside, all his vital signs were good. Dr. S told us to go home…that he’d made it through the hard part.

Katherine and I made it home sometime around midnight or maybe a bit later. We hung out watching 1 am replay of the Bill Mahr show on HBO. I passed out around 1:30 or so.

Daniel woke me up this morning when he got home from work around 6 am or so. I slept again until 9 am and then hauled myself off the futon and into the shower. I made it back to the hospital just in time to make the visitor’s hours, and mommy and grandma were already back in Pop’s room. He was doing really well! They had already taken him off the ventilator, and he was breathing fine on his own. He was even mad that they wouldn’t give him something to eat.

So we saw him again in the afternoon and he had taken a good, long nap. We chatted for about 20 minutes then we left. Rob, Evan and I are going back tomorrow. My mom will be thrilled to see Evan, even if it’s just for the afternoon.