Today I got some good news. My grandfather’s cancer has not spread to his lymph nodes!!!! What a relief for our family. The next step is surgery to remove the lower section of his left lung where the tumor resides. This surgery has been scheduled for this coming Friday.

I know my grandfather is very anxious right now. He knows the surgery is the right thing, but he’s worried not only about the extent of the operation, but the recovery and the affect it’s going to have on my mother and grandmother.

I, too, am feeling ambivalent about the surgery. I know that he’s a strong man for his 84 years, but this is a major surgery. What happens to his lungs is almost less difficult than actually getting to his lungs. I worry that something will happen on the operating table. I worry that he’ll be given too much anesthesia and his blood pressure will take a nose dive and they’ll lose him. I’m just plain worried.

This is also a real struggle for my mom. She’s got the burden of responsibility here. I’ll come on Friday, stay a couple of days and then come home. I’ll go back to work, playing with Evan–back to my normal life for the time being. She’s on call 24/7/365. I hate that this is happening so close to Commencement. If it was earlier or later in the year, I’d be able to take a week or two off to go stay with them, but with Commencement so close, I just can’t do it. That’s not to say if something serious happens I won’t leave Vanderbilt in the dust in a heartbeat.

My mom told me tonight that my grandmother is being particularly nasty since the surgery was scheduled. I think it’s her way of dealing with her fear–lashing out at others. She has no other mechanism for expressing her fears. I know she loves my Pop dearly, and she’s very scared about what would happen to her when he’s gone. It’s not like we’ll put her in a nursing home or anything, but he takes very special care of her and she’s become spoiled 🙂 My mom has been very calm about it, and I’m very proud of her for being that way too.

So please keep my grandfather, Arthur Evensen, in your thoughts and prayers as he continues his medical treatment.